Consulting Case Math Essentials

Learn how to ace the math in your case interview

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Ace your case interview and get first-hand insights and strategies that will allow you to minimize mistakes and allow you to efficiency tackle any math problem

The Full Run Down of What You Will Get in The Consulting Case Math Essentials:

We reveal the math required to dominate the case interview

Guiding principles that will enable you to showcase the right behaviours during your case interview

Short-cuts and strategies for solving math problems that will save you time and minimize the probability of mistakes

10+ real life example questions that showcase the shortcuts presented

10+ math quiz questions from real MBB case studies for further learning

Your Instructor


I landed job offers at top Consulting firms (MBB) and Investment Banks and Private Equity firms. I have a Masters from a leading European business school and have worked at MBB Consulting firms and leading Investment Banks in London and other European countries for more than 5 years.

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